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Crazy for Love (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl Publisher – HQN
Release Date – 7/1/10
How I got this book – NetGalley

Victoria Dahl does it again with another witty and hilarious romantic comedy featuring a somewhat neurotic hero, a wronged heroine, and flocks of crazy paparazzi. I feel in love with Dahl’s contemporary romances within the first few pages of Talk Me Down, the first book in the Tumble Creek series.

In Crazy for Love, we meet Chloe and her BFF Jenn as they are heading to a remote island to get away from life. Chloe has recently found out her fiancé, who she thought perished in a plane crash, really jumped out at the last minute and is telling the world it is her fault. Labeled as “The Bridezilla”, she is now hounded all day by the paparazzi, waiting to see her lose it.

As she and Jenn are relaxing on the beach, the handsome Sullivan brothers walk up to the cabin next door, and hit it off with the girls. Max has this somewhat annoying and somewhat adorable need to take care of everyone and everything around him, and is constantly going out of his way to ensure the safety of others.

As news gets out of Chloe’s real life waiting for her back home her steamy but new relationship with Max takes a hit, and they are left trying to decide if they want to fight for each other, or not deal with the hassle.

I love that Dahl gave us this great leading lady character. Although Chloe is living in hell, she is taking it in stride, maintaining her pride and well being as best she can, and doing her best to wait out all the craziness. I can honestly say that if I found out my fiancé faked his death then blamed it on me; I would hole up and want to die. Instead, Chloe does her best to make the most of a crappy situation. Bravo!

Although Max is super sexy and has an incredible sounding job and seems like a total playboy; his OCD over protectiveness kinda started to drive me nuts. I like my leading men to be total Alphas bordering on the side of cavemen. Max was so real, he wasn’t this super put together, “all is well in life” guy. He had issues, and he was doing his best to kinda deal with them. As impressed as I was with his depth, he didn’t drive me wild.

The side romance between BFF Jenn and other brother Elliott was sweet. While Jenn is plagued by the guilt of carrying a dirty little secret, and Elliott is trying to get over a nasty divorce, the two of them have a few awkward sweet moments.

This was not my favorite Dahl book (really, can she top Talk Me Down? IMO, prolly not. <3ed it!!) However, it was different and I really enjoyed that. <br/>
All in all, I give Crazy for Love 3.5 out of 5 hoards of paparazzi.