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Skin Game - Ava Gray Skin Game is the first in the Skin Series by Ava Gray. (AKA: Ann Aguirre. Make it a point to check out her Sci Fi and Urban Fantasy Series, they ROCK!) With the release of Skin Tight (book #2) featuring the ever so delectable Foster *sigh* and Mia, I thought now would be a good time to take a closer look at the beginnings of their story.

Skin Game starts with one of the best opening lines I’ve ever read: “Kyra held the guy’s balls in the palm of her hand. Literally.” From this point on, Gray keep the readers engaged with strong desires, crazy scenarios, and lots of action.

Kyra has the unique ability to acquire the strongest skill of any person she comes in contact with, making her job as a con woman easier. While pulling a job, she encounters Reyes, who helps her out of a sticky little situation, and agrees to let him hitch a ride. One passion leads to another, the two tumble into a sweaty (and incredibly smexy) night together.

We soon find out that Reyes is not what we expected, and that he was sent out by the ego heavy Serrano and his Chief of Security Foster, to work his hit man magic on Kyra. But as the two travel together in Kyra’s pride and joy, her car “Myrna”, from dive bar to dive bar running cons on those they come across, feelings get in the way of work, and the real magic begins.

I love how Gray is able to keep little tidbits of secrets on each character through out the story, and layer by layer we find out more and more as the story progresses. Kyra is such an incredible character, a total ball buster, with a super sweet feminine side. I love that she is somewhat insecure with the way she was raised and a little upset about her inability to connect with people, especially on a physical level. It makes her that much more real. Reyes is such an alpha man *drool*, but struggles internally with his decision about how to handle himself and the situation as he gets to know more about Kyra and the truth about the con that got her on his hit list in the first place.

The secondary characters, especially Foster, were also great. Serrano was super crazy, and his ego was almost too big to fit in the book. Mia was sweet and hopefully not too screwed up after her brief but intense encounter with life as a criminal. I just know that she and Foster are going to be explosive together. And Foster *sigh*, what can I say about Foster other than I can’t wait to find out more about his secrets. Is he undercover? Is he some kind of vigilante? Does he have some kind of crazy ability? What’s the deal with his family? Oh the secrets that are left to be uncovered…

All in all, I give Skin Game 5 out of 5 con jobs!