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Ten Things I Love About You - Julia Quinn * I received this book through the Goodreads First Read Giveaway *

Julia Quinn is by far my favorite Historical Romance author because…
1. Her stories are hysterical!
2. The heroines are always strong and independent in their own ways
3. The heroes are handsome and delicious
4. She can always make me laugh, and cry in the same book
5. The plot is never absolutely predictable
6. The bad guys can sometimes be as delectable as the good guys
7. Oh the romance *fans self*
8. I love getting little glimpses of returning characters
9. Two words: Colin Bridgerton, enough said
10. I’ve met her in person, and she is so sweet!!

"Ten Things I Love About You" was absolutely fabulous. Not my all time favorite work by Quinn, but one of the better ones. Annabel is the oldest of eight children, and is looking on the Marriage Mart for someone to help support her family now that her father has passed on. Her affluent grandparents are working at setting her up with the old, rich, and all around slimy Lord Newbury. Annabel’s sense of duty forces her into thinking she must say yes, even though everything about Newbury rubs her the wrong way.

Sebastian is the dashing rouge nephew of Lord Newbury, and set to inherit the title if Newbury dies without an heir. He is a veteran of the war, with a secret that no one knows. He meets Annabel is a rather precarious situation, in which she literally trips over him, and the attraction is instant. As Sebastian falls for Annabel, she struggles with her own feelings, which are contradicting her sense of duty.

I can’t count the number of times that I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book. Quinn is incredible at finding ways to place her characters into hilarious situations, while throwing in some shocking behavior, and topping it with hot attraction. I love that it took some time for Sebastian and Annabel to realize what they had was truly love. And I respect that Quinn had Annabel seriously consider sacrificing herself for the mercy of her family. Being the oldest in my family, I can totally understand where her thoughts were coming from. Sebastian’s secret was great too. I love that it made him just a little bit vulnerable to Annabel.

All in all I give "Ten Things I Love About You" 4 out of 5 stars