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Skin Tight - Ava Gray Ava Gray has another big hit with the second novel in the Skin Series. Skin Tight follows the adventures of Foster aka Strong aka BatPunisher Man and Mia as they try to uncover the secrets of the company they are working for, Micor.

About a year has passed since the Mia and Foster have seen each other, and they run into each other at a new company, with Foster using a new name. Mia has been contracted to find out who is embezzling in the company, and Foster (as always) has his own agenda. At first, the two want nothing to do with each other, but as time continues and they both struggle with their own investigations, they have to trust one another to move forward.

I have been not so patiently waiting for the continuation of Foster’s book. His secrecy and mysteriousness drew me in from the moment I met him, and was dying to find out more about his family, what his power was, and uncover all his mysterious deeds. I knew from book 1 that Foster was one of the good guys, just in disguise.

I really enjoyed Mia’s character as well from the 1st book, and was glad to see that Gray forced Mia to work through some emotion scars before allowing herself to trust in Foster again. It was great to see Foster want something so badly, and yet have to work extra hard at getting it. Both Mia and Foster did a whole lot of growing up in this book, and the journey for both of them was fun, exciting, and at times chaotic.

The plot was thick with twists and turns, but at times the book felt more like a paranormal adventure instead of a romance. With Gray’s first book in the series, Kyra and Reyes steamed up the pages with their attraction and physical relationship. Skin Tight was not nearly as hot on the romance front, but answered A LOT of questions.

For me, I felt like Skin Tight really kicked off the Skin Series. Although this book works to tie in the events of Skin Game, this book really cemented the overall story line of the series. I felt, as a reader, that I had a better understanding of the world the characters live in and how they obtained their special gifts.

All in All, I give Skin Tight 4 out of 5 stars.