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Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie One day as I was surfing Amazon, looking through my recommended books, I came across Jennifer Cruise. I’d never read anything by her, but her books sounded interesting, so I picked up Bet Me and let me just tell you that I am sooo glad I did!

We first meet the frumpy, but ever so delectable Min at the bar, sandwiched between her two beautiful friends, moments after she has been dumped. Her friends begin to pressure her about getting “back in the saddle” and finding herself someone. Her friends spy the delicious Cal from across the bar, and practically shove Min his way.

Cal ends up asking Min to dinner, to win a bet, and the two can’t stop arguing. They amicably part ways, secretly thinking the other is somewhat crazy. Hilarious and crazy situations ensure, promising the reader tons and tons of laughs, while Mil and Cal go on a journey of unusual courtship and eventually find love.

I was totally blown away by Cruise. I loved the writing style, the fabulous one-liners, and hysterical situations. I frequently found myself laughing out loud, thoroughly enjoying all the quirky moments. The romance was sizzling hot, and I don’t think I will ever be able to look at a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme donut the same, EVER AGAIN. *fans self*

Min and Cal are both great characters, total opposites in almost every way. They were written great, with a phenomenal set of supporting characters who provided the entire book with even more comedic relief. The snarky best friends, the two equally insane mothers, the set of jealous ex’s who try anything and everything to break them up. It was all done so great, I can’t wait to go out and find another Cruise book.

All in all, I give Bet Me 5 out of 5 stars!