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Sanctuary's Price - Moira Rogers The dynamic duo of Bree & Donna who make up Moira Rogers have done it again! I found Moira Rogers through another blog, won one of their books, and haven’t looked back since.

Sanctuary Price is the 3rd book in the Red Rocks Pass series about a werewolf Sanctuary. After the first two books in this series that featured ass kicking Alpha males, and the strong willed females they love, the third book takes a small turn.

Dylan is not a strong Alpha, and has lived the majority of his werewolf life under a corrupt and immoral alpha. He breaks off and seeks Sanctuary at Red Rocks where he is working to get over his own insecurities about his new life. At the end of the 2nd book, Sanctuary Lost Dylan encounter Sasha, a human witch who was recently attacked my werewolves and was forced to watch her mentor mauled to death. Dylan and Sasha formed an alliance against their enemy, and ended up defeating him together.

Now, they are forced to face yet another foe, only think one is unknown and across the country. As they set off on their journey, they must learn to trust one another and the attraction between them.

Although this wasn’t my favorite Red Rocks story (I don’t know what it is about Alpha Cavemen kind of guys that just really does it for me…) I really enjoyed the change of pace. Although Dylan isn’t the guns blazing kind of hero, he is still protective of those he loves, and not afraid to share himself with Sasha. I love that Rogers’ showed how two somewhat scarred people can really pull through together, and help heal each others wounds, both internally and externally.

We also get a chance to finally meet our hero of the 4th Red Rocks installment, Sanctuary Unbound, which releases on June 1st!! Adam is the very secretive vampire lumberjack, who will be coming to Red Rock to help Sanctuary fight off their newest foe. I can’t wait for this release!!

All in all, I give Sanctuary Price 4 out of 5 stars.