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Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch Did you like the Men in Black movies? Enjoy reading about kick ass heroines who are smart enough to think their way out of impossible situations? Ever fantasize about working with a group of male models? If so, Touched by an Alien is right up your alley.

We first meet Kitty coming out of the courthouse, having just wrapped up her civic duty. She encounters what appears to be a domestic dispute which quickly turns into a crazy nightmare, complete with a knife-throwing winged psychopath. She quickly comes to terms with her inner (and unknown) crime fighter, pulls out her handy dandy pen, and takes the creature down like a pro.

Enter the ever so delectable Jeff Martini, an Alpha Centauri alien with enough sexy appeal to stop anyone dead in their tracks (I would have him shaken OR stirred nom nom nom). Kitty soon finds herself sucked into a real life version of Men in Black (frequently making MIB jokes), full with crazy “fugly” monsters, a unique assortment of weapons, and impossible predicaments.

I absolutely adore Kitty; she is witty, intelligent, quick to crack a joke, and yet still a believable and lovable character. She makes some mistakes along the way, but that just makes her that much more lovable. Sure there are times when she seems to know things out of the blue, and she sure as hell takes the total 360 of her life in strides, but what super woman wouldn’t?

Martini was such a great “alpha male” character; but still somehow sensitive (probably due to his emphatic powers), and in a supportive way. He enjoys watching Kitty really grow into this super agent, and the heat between the two really steams the pages! I enjoyed unraveling the ACs secrets, and I that Koch incorporates a real “human” reason for their being on Earth.

The supporting characters are also hilarious and filled with enough personality to support their own stories. The gay human ex-Calvin Kline model who manages to become Kitty’s major support and her hilarious and over-protective parents who are constantly butting in and refusing to let their little girl grow up.

If your looking for a great light hearted read that will make you crack a smile and occasionally laugh out loud, you definitely need to pick this book up.

All in all, I give Touched by an Alien 4 out of 5 Fuglies!

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