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Savor the Moment  - Nora Roberts Fans of the ever popular Nora Roberts will not be disappointed in the third book of the Bride Quartet Series.

Enter Laurel: sweet girl next door who has always had a huge thing for her BFF Parker’s older brother. Laurel is the owner and operator of one fourth of the Vows wedding planning business, and cake maker extraordinaire. (Can I just say my mouth was watering almost the whole book?! Word to the wise for those of you with a sweet tooth, you might want to have some kind of sweet on hand for when you finish…)

Enter Del: clean cut, rich, and seriously over protective brother to his little sister, and her three adopted BFF’s. Del is upper class, high society big shot lawyer with a crush (which he refuses to admit) on his adoptive sister Laurel.

After a strenuous day of baking and dealing with general wedding craziness, Laurel takes a chance out of misguided anger and frustration, and plops a big one on her girlhood crush. Their relationship starts slow (after the hilarious kidnapping and ransom of Laurel’s favorite pair of Prada shoes) and builds slowly into something neither expected.

I loved so many things about the journey that Laurel and Del’s relationship took. The little details like trying to figure out how to tell their friends, the “smex bet”, the difficulties of others’ prejudices. It was a perfect progression of friends to lovers, and the insecurities that occur on both ends. I also enjoyed that fact that Roberts didn’t include some kind of horrific “I can’t be with you anymore, this can’t work” disaster. Although it worked great in Bed of Roses for Emma & Jack and so many other books, sometimes life really does work out the way we want it to, without disaster and heartache. It was nice to see that for a change.

For fans of this series, Savor the Moment also provides a great sneak peek into both Parker and Malcolm (our heroine & hopeful hero) of the final Bride Quartet book Happily Ever After due out in November of this year. Readers get a glimpse into Mal’s life a little, and he shares a really tender moment with Laurel. As Parker is by far my favorite gal in the series, I can’t wait to see her OCD tendencies come out, take over, and cause some general havoc!

All in all, I give Savor the Moment 5 out of 5 Wedding Cakes!