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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux I don't know how to rate this book, I'm still processing. Secrets came out that I NEVER expected, and Ty & Zane's relationship was on some seriously unsteady ground for most of the book. I did love the fact that they got the chance to "learn" to be themselves before throwing their all into making a go of their ever after. However, the curve ball that Roux threw in at the end just about killed me. I know it was coming, and yet it still gutted me.

The romance reader in me just wants these two to finally get their rainbows and unicorns, and yet it seems to be something that is always out of their grasp. =(

I like Nick more than ever after this book, and I am so over Liam Bell.

I'll have to try and put together a more coherent review soon.