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O Come All Ye Kinky - Sarah Frantz, Kim Dare, Jane Davitt, Joey W. Hill, Katie Porter, Elyan Smith, L.A. Witt, Ava March, Alexa Snow Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/12/14/review-o-come-all-ye-kinky-anthology/

I’m always in the mood for a good kinky story or two, so this anthology seemed to be right up my alley. I’ll briefly go over each one.

Tree Topper by Jane Davitt

Martin and Stan are trying to make their BDSM relationship work, but something isn’t happening for either of them, and they’ve become complacent. Things seem bleak until Martin stumbles across Stan’s conversation with an old Dom, and the two are forced to talk it out.

I liked this story, it was short and sweet and to the point. Both Martin and Stan were a little annoying in the beginning, because neither wanted to really trust the other, and the concept of conversation seemed to be foreign to them. I would think that couples in a committed BDSM relationship would have lots of experience with communication, so that was a bit frustrating. But all in all it was a cute overall story with a nice little HEA.
I give Tree Topper a B

‘Twas the Night by Ava March

Percy has been secretly meeting Michael for awhile now, and loves their evenings together. He worries though that Michael will tire of him and his insecurities. Michael notices that Percy likes when he takes charge, but also notices that Percy seems to be holding back, so after some coaxing, Michael gets Percy to speak up to his desires.

I’m not a big fan of ANY historical erotica, I don’t know why, I’m just not. I’ve read a few of March’s stories in the past and while the stories are good, they just don’t do much for me. I know these are super popular books though, so March fans won’t be disappointed.
I give ‘Twas the Night a C

Fireworks by Katie Porter

Rachel and Emma plan one last night together before Rachel moves to Hong Kong. She is scared to admit that she wants more from her sub Emma, and is ready to let her go instead of fighting for what she wants. But after a powerful evening together on New Years Eve, Emma might prove to Rachel how perfect their relationship can be, here or overseas.

I really enjoy Porter’s books, however this story was a little too much for me. At times I felt like the relationship between these two was just physical, and couldn’t feel any emotional connection. The sexy scenes were also a little too much for me, with there being a lot of smut and not enough romance.
I give Fireworks a C-

Candy Caning by LA Witt

Stephen and Nate have a wonderful relationship, satisfying for them both sexualy and emotionally. But every year on Christmas they go to Nate’s family home and suffer through a miserable evening together. But while shopping prior to the big day, Nate sees a large candy cane that would be perfect for some kinky play, and a spice in their already hot relationship.

I think this was probably my favorite story in the book. Both Nate and Stephen are so great, Nate with his desire to always please Stephen, and Stephen with his willingness to do anything for Nate. I loved that their relationship was already solid, and that they built it up even stronger. I will definitely be looking for more from Witt, especially if I can find some longer stuff!
I give Candy Caning a B+

Submissive Angel by Joey W Hill

Robert hired Ange months ago, and has been attracted to him ever since. But Ange was beaten and Robert is scared to act of his feelings. But late one night in his store, Robert will finally act on what he’s been feeling for Ange, and explore their sexuality in ways he never thought Ange would be willing to go.

This story seemed a lot less intense than the others in the series, and while I liked the breakup of the other, more intense stories, this seemed to have a little something missing to it. I wasn’t completely invested in Robert and Ange’s relationship, but liked their sexy interlude at the end.
I give Submissive Angel a C

Open Return by Elyan Smith

Zach left his small town home over 15 years ago, and now he’s back. Although everyone knew him as Hannah, he is most excited to reconnect with a married couple he left behind years ago. The three of them had forced a bond, and when Zach needed to get his head on straight, he left them with no turning back. But now he wants to see what could come of a renewed relationship.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a transgender story before, and was intrigued by the number of issues Smith tried to tackle in one novella. Unfortunately, I just don’t think she had enough time to smooth over all the issues that were brought forth in this short story. From the relationship Zach had with Laura and Scott to the complications that will undoubtedly arise with their renewed relationship, this felt a little unresolved. However, I was intrigued by the uniqueness of it all.
I give Open Return a B-

Ring Out the Old and In the New by Alexa Snow

Evan is petrified to go out in public again, both because of the scar left on his face and the memories of the brutal mugging he endured. Russell knows that it’s time for Evan to get out and move on from the trauma. As his Dom and partner, Russell uses his influence over Evan to get him out on Christmas Eve and back into the land of the living.

This was a really short and simple yet sweet story. Poor Evan was so scared given his history, and yet his trust in Russell and their relationship gets him through his first time out of the house, back on the underground, and facing his fear of getting back into the groove of life. I would definitely be interested in seeing more from Snow.
I give Ring Out the Old and In The New a B

His Very Last Chance by Kim Dare

Kinglsey overheard his sub Drew commenting on his lack of romance, and is determined to show Drew that there are ways to be romantic within their heavy BDSM lifestyle. Drew is worried that he did something wrong when he commented on Kinglsey’s lack of romance and is desperate to prove that he meant it as a compliment. One night together will allow them both to prove their point.

I’ve had mixed emotions about Dare’s books in the past, yet I thought this was a great story and good end to the anthology. Most of the story is spent in the bedroom, and the scenes between Drew and Kingsley are pretty sexy! We didn’t really get the chance to know them as characters, however the glimpse into their lives was sexy and sweet. I would have liked to keep reading these two characters so that we could have gotten a better feel for them as individuals.
I give His Very Last Chance a B

Overall this was a very unique anthology. There were good stories, and I look forward to another edition next year. While not all the stories worked for me, I also found a few authors that I will be looking forward to reading more of in the future.
I give O Come All Ye Kinky a B-