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In Enemy Hands (In Enemy Hands, #1) - K.S. Augustin Carina Press has another winner in my eyes with In Enemy Hands! Moon Thadin is a super scientist working on what she calls stellar re-ignition, hoping to be able to bring back to life dead stars. Her early years of research were done with her partner Kad, who she finds out is an acting terrorist against the Republic. He barely escapes, and leaves Moon stuck dealing with the fall out.

Fast-forward three years and Moon has just been released from Republic control and allowed to continue her research. She is given a lab and the opportunity to start trials in space. She is also given the Republic’s secret super computer, Srin Flervos aka “The Turk”. Turk is a human super computer, able to compute complex equations in his mind, faster than any super computer known in the universe, and he has assigned to be at Moon’s disposal.

As Moon and Turk continue to work on her research, she learns more and more about the Republic, and comes to find herself questioning their decisions at every turn. Her dedicated computer partner and new found romantic interest tried once to defy the Republic, and because of it he now is forced to unknowingly take a drug that wipes his memories every two days. Then, hints are dropped that the Republic doesn’t want her research to create life, instead to destroy it.

With all these discoveries, Moon knows that in order to live her life, she must take a stand against Republic, and fight for not only her man, but her research and future.

I absolutely adore Moon. She is this great nerdy, somewhat naïve researcher who can only see the positives in her work. She reminded me of a child, unable to see the potential for evil in others. But, I enjoyed watching her open her eyes to the situation around her. Her history as being named a traitor as the catalyst of it all.

Turk was incredible as well. Named after the computer playing chess genius Turk, his crazy fast brain was frequently working overtime. I thought it was great the way his subconscious found ways around the memory blocking drug he was being forced to take, and was floored at how he was able to leave himself reminders and clues to figure out his life.

Although there were parts of the story where Moon or Turk were going into basic descriptions of their work that left me somewhat glassy eyed, the science aspect of this story was amazing. The thought of being able to bring life back to a star and jump start the life of a whole solar system. WOW, the balance between the Sci-Fi action and the romance was perfect!

The only little gripe I have about this book was the ending. It came too suddenly and felt somewhat unresolved to me. It seemed like on the second to the last page Moon and Turk were still trying to escape the tight clutches of the Republic, and then suddenly they get their HEA. I would have liked to see it a little more resolved than that. However, if the abrupt ending was done intentionally because of the plans for a sequel, then I take back my gripe and say only this... “I hate cliffhangers!”

All in all I give In Enemy Hands 4 out of 5 stellar re-ignitions!