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Hunters - Michelle Marquis,  Lindsey Bayer Hunters is one of the first ebooks to be released under the new Carina Press publishing. Bayer and Marquis create a Science Fiction Romance that is to be released on June 21st.

I am a huge advocate of the Sci Fi Romance genre, and absolutely love the fusion of inter-galactic travel, various alien races, and of course a happily ever after. Although this was not the best Sci Fri Romance I’ve ever read (and really, IMO who can top Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League Series?!), but it also wasn’t the worst.

Harmony is a Kirillian bounty hunter, and we first meet up with her as she is finishing up a one year prison sentence on illegal weapons charges. Fellow agency hunter Tanner is sent to pick her up from jail, take her back to her own ship, and see her back to the agency safely.

The two get sent out together on a mission to track down a new skip, and have to find ways to overcome Tanner’s hatred of the Kirillian race, Harmony’s inability to express emotions, and a burning passion that ignites a fire between them. As Harmony ventures out on her own to go after the one who got away, and caused her year long stint in prison, the two will have to try to work together, if they want a chance to fight for each other.

There were parts of the book where I felt as if the story kinda veered off the beaten path. Tanner, with his burning desire for revenge, and intense hatred toward the Kirillian people; didn’t seem to really work out his anger and hatred before falling for Harmony and forgoing all his plans to take it out on her. Harmony, with all her rough and gruff attitude, seemed to be too nice and sweet at times. Although the inconsistencies were little and far between, they still just had my teeth on edge.

However, the world building was fabulous and the descriptions of the different kinds of alien races, and planets created vivid images in my mind. The passion between Harmony and Tanner was smoking. The plot was inventive and great. And PS, how great is that cover? LOVE IT!

All in all, I give Hunters 2.5 out of 5 bounty hunters.